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Passport & Money Belts

The Alie Jane money belt is not like any other money belt, this one you can show off! Ideal for not only holidaying with all important documents like passports and tickets, but it’s also great for exercising, dog walking, festivals and parties. All belts are sewn with two zips, creating a long pocket at the back and two smaller pockets at the front great for small change, credit cards or your room/house key. All belts include a black backing fabric made with 100% cotton, with an elastic waist strap made from high density 25mm elastic, with adjustable clip.



Toiletries /Lunch /Wet Bag

These funky wet bags made from contrasting Mexican oilcloth have many great uses. Being waterproof and so versatile you can put a ice brick in them and keep your lunch cool all day, or maybe use it for toiletries, being waterproof you can put it on any wet surface and wipe it dry. Maybe put your wet swimmers in it when your traveling home from the beach, or if your a Mum with a little one, you can put dirty nappies in it, roll it up, secure it with the velcro strip and no smells can escape. All bags measure 30cm high/ 26cm at the top/18cm at the bottom when unrolled. All bags are secured with a strip of velcro, and topped with a funky trim of pom poms (because everyone needs pom poms in their world).  


Peg Bags

Wouldn’t having a funky peg bag make hanging out the washing more fun? I love having mine hanging in the laundry to brighten up the place. Store all your pegs, or great size to even store your undies and socks, great for the traveller. Some ladies even store their stockings in them, maybe you want to put the kids pj’s in there? Even great to hang in a babies room to store nappies, or to hide valuables in between your coats? Made from Mexican oilcloth Who knew you could get so much use out of a peg bag? All bags come with coat hanger.







Shower caps

We know you want to look cute in the shower and bath tub too. Designed in both adults and kids sizes in a wide range of colours and prints the Alie Jane shower cap is the ultimate bathroom accessory. All shower caps are 100% waterproof and are lined with coloured plastic.
The range of Alie Jane shower caps are made to stretch larger than most commercial shower caps which is great for the customer with long hair, curlers and even dreadlocks, yet retracts back in for those with short hair too. All shower caps are edged with a bias binding, and include a contrasting bias binding casing for the elastic inside the shower cap, so no elastic is exposed to the skin.





Eye masks

Can’t sleep or are you a shift worker? Maybe you need an Alie Jane Eye mask, designed and created to give you the great sleep, light free! Sewn with 100% black cotton lining on the back, your eyes can breathe while sleeping. The Alie Jane eye mask is perfect for those who love to travel, enjoy an afternoon nanna nap and make an awesome gift.
So cute, so unique, you will even look amazing while you sleep.


Cup Cossies

Ever got caught out with a takeaway coffee that’s too hot? Or by the time you get it back to the office it’s too cold?

Personalize your next take away coffee with an Alie Jane cup cossie.

With an elastic loop that hooks on over the button, this cup cossie fits most small and large take away cups.

Cossies have a bright fabric outer layer and are insulated and are backed with a black 100% cotton lining. With this cossie, you will be the coolest cat next time you’re visiting your local cafe for that quick take away hot beverage.




Dog Coats

IMG_1973Made from a range of vintage woollen blankets,  lined with polar fleece and trimmed with bias binding these cute handmade dog coats are sure to keep any pooch warm. You can pop in store to buy one of the shelf or get one custom made to fit to size.  Shop dog Clyde will meet you in store wearing his if the weather is cold enough.



Travel Pillows

Just like the peanut pillows that Nanna used to have on her lounge, but in way cooler fabric. Great for travel, laying on the lounge, behind your neck, behind you back in the car, or even great for breastfeeding (so my customers have told me). Who wouldn’t want to rest your head on something this cool (and practical).


Kids’ Pencil Wraps

Small enough for Mums to keep in their handbags, these bright, fun and colourful pencil wraps are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.
With large jumbo pencils included and coloured paper that sits neatly in the side pocket, entertainment can be rolled out in the drop of a hat. Great for travelling in cars, on holidays, yet fancy enough to even take to a restaurant.


Wheat Bags

IMG_1857Ease aches and pains, warm up your bed or just cuddle on the lounge with a Alie Jane wheat bag. Typically made from Japanese fabrics from the shops range, they either come in Lavender or Chai infused.






Lounge /Bed Decorative Pillows

Alie Jane makes a wide range of lounge/bed, decorative pillows in store. You can either buy straight off the shelf, or pick your own fabric from the Japanese Kokka / Echino range available in store.


 Alie Jane is the biggest stockist of Japanese Kokka fabric in Newcastle, The Central Coast and The Hunter Valley.
All fabrics are a blend of cotton and linen or 100% cotton and can be cut to the nearest 10cm. Most bolts are between 110 -113cm wide. Also available in fabric flats  (approx. 50 x 55cm)


Find the most amazing rolls of Mexican Oilcloth instore. 1.20m wide.

Fray proof, waterproof, great for indoor/outdoor tables, making beach bags, bunting, placed under highchairs, cut into coasters or place mats, outdoor pillows, ……the possibilities are endless


Alie  Jane also stocks  wide range of other local designer works with such designs as, leather dog collars, flamingo sets, vintage fabric and vinyl clutches, handmade knitting needles and crochet hooks, girls dresses, bibs, kids shorts, ceramic buttons, nappy clutches, jewellery from recycled cutlery,  garden flamingos, clip purses, card holders, vintage fabric reversible ladies Summer hats, vintage fabric earrings, ladies and kids aprons and the list goes on…






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